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Carefree Chrysocolla brings to you a beautiful and varied colored copper mineral gem stone called chrysocolla (kris-uh-kol-uh)whose metaphysical properties just might help in making you truly “carefree”. Visit our ABOUT page to learn more!

Found in copper mines throughout the United States, Chrysocolla is often confused with turquoise, which can often be an element found in chrysocolla.

Our products aim to show off this truly wonderfully colored stone at its best by surrounding it with wood or copper or silver. It truly is “ALL ABOUT THE STONE”! If you are looking for something unique and rare gem quality chrysocolla has a radiance that is coveted around the world. It’s beautiful blue and various copper element colors show the natural beauty of our planet’s rich interior. Chrysocolla’s metaphysical powers can purify your emotional and physical environment, helping to make you more “carefree”!


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